On May 29, 2014 at approximately 1530, the St. Anna Volunteer fire department responded to Sheboygan Road and Meyer Road for report of feed on fire.  The initial report was called in by an off-duty firefighter. Initial reports showed that the fire began in the bunker where the material was being stored. It is believed that the nearby burn barrel was the cause of the fire. Other factors in the fire were dry conditions and wind. Upon arrival to the scene, firefighters pulled to fire hoses from Engine 14 and began attack on the pile of feed. The deluge on top of engine 14 was also utilized to extinguish the fire. Eventually all the feed was moved onto trailers and removed from the immediate area. The burn barrel was also moved from the area to prevent any further fire. Apparatus that accompanied engine 14 on the scene were tender 16, tender 17, squad 15, and truck 13. Engine 11 was set up at the St. Anna fire department pond for a fill site. Crews were on the scene of the fire for approximately 1 ½ hours. Other than the feed, no property or lives were harmed during the fire. No additional resources were needed from outside agencies.